Mission Spotlight: Scotland

Mission Spotlight: Scotland

Scotland may seem like a strange place to go on a mission trip, but it is actually quite incredible. As much as I loved the scenery, the architecture and the pastries, it was the people who made Scotland so wonderful.


Although it is not a third world country, less than half of the people who live in Scotland call themselves Christian. So we had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of people in Edinburgh, Dumfries and more.


On our mission trip to Scotland, we had the privilege to stay in a small town called Dumfries. We ventured to Edinburgh as well, but the true beauty of Scotland is in the country-side.


Edinburgh is the biggest city in Scotland, but it was one of the hardest parts of the trip, because so many people there seemed confused and lost. There was a lot of witchcraft and references to evil (that may be compared to Las Vegas).


However, the architecture and the scenery was magnificent!


From the castle in Edinburgh, looking over the entire city. On the other side of the water is England!


In Dumfries, we worked with an amazing church called Lighthouse Church. It’s home is a massive, castle-like convent that sits on the highest point in Dumfries, that they turned into a beautiful sanctuary.



The church and the people are passionate about reaching those in their community. We spent most of our time doing outreaches, evangelism on the streets and serving the people there.


The best part was going to Summerhill- where we got to teach the Scottish children how to play baseball and paint their faces and watch them beat all of us in “futbol.”

We were so sad to leave because of the amazing connections and love we shared with the people of Scotland.



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